Limited Edition Aromatherapy & Soap

At Tuscan Farm Gardens we believe in the power and benefit of aromatherapy to heal the body, mind and spirit. Inspired by the healing benefits of essential and carrier oils we have crafted a limited edition line of aromatherapy products to inspire, delight and soothe.

  • Lavender Patchouli Soap

"Aromatherapy is more than just smelling pleasing scents and a relaxation technique. It is a holistic therapy that can be used to treat many health issues. It works by treating the mind, body, and spirit. Aromatic essences from plants’ essential oils are extracted naturally from herbs, roots, barks, seeds, flowers, and other plants. These oils can then be inhaled or massaged into the skin where they circulate around the body once absorbed into the skin. These oils can be used to promote, balance, and harmonize as well as provide relaxation. Clinical studies have shown that aromatherapy is a complementary method of therapy."

Source: Layers of Our Lives

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