About Us

Patricia Schneider has a long history in alternative wellness with a deep love and connection with nature . She started her career as a massage therapist and energy medicine healer over 20 years ago and has also worked with aromatherapy, herbs, and botanical skin care product lines as she developed them for four and five star resort/spa properties. She has continued her work and has been doing hands-on in everything from aesthetics, energy work, meditation, massage, yoga, herbs, plant life and sustainable living.

A natural and creative entrepreneur Patricia developed and ran some of the top spas in the world; she saw her vision of one day having her own retreat for people where they could come and completely relax, enjoy the land, receive  some healing  treatments and feel completely at peace.  
For years it has been very much a personal and professional passion of Patricia's to have a space in nature where she and her team could grow and learn more about beautiful plants and herbs. To be able to package them up and share this with others is a dream come true.