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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?
Take the Mt Lehman exit off Highway #1 and drive north on Mt. Lehman Road for 10 minutes - you will run right into our farm! Our address is 6834 Mt Lehman Road.

How much does it cost?
Less than a movie, and it’s outside in the fresh air where it’s easy to social distance. Tickets range from $6-8 for our pre-bloom season, and $8-12 for the rest of our lavender bloom season.

Are tickets refundable?
Tickets are non-refundable. Like other flower viewing experiences and festivals in the area, we do not offer refunds for rainy days. We have a covered patio and gazebo where you can find shelter from the weather. We encourage you to bring an umbrella and boots and enjoy the lavender in the rain.

What is the cost of parking?
Parking is free! There is lots of space for vehicles.

Can we bring our own food?
No. We ask that no outside food is brought onto the farm.

Are we allowed to bring our dog?
Unfortunately, no. We love dogs, but since we grow lavender that is used for culinary purposes, we are not allowed to have dogs on the farm.

Can I do a photoshoot at your farm?                                                                      Personal photos and casual family photoshoots with a photographer are welcome during our regular open hours. We ask that you only bring a camera. If you would like to use other photography equipment, you need to book a private photoshoot. Photoshoots that will be used for a business, involve costumes of any kind, or for weddings, must book a private photo session. Email us at to set up a time.  

Can I go right into the lavender to get a photo?
You can go anywhere on grass or gravel, but please do not step in any flower bed. The gravel and grass paths through the lavender labyrinth and field get you right into the middle of the lavender for amazing photos! Going into the flowerbeds damages our plants and irrigation system, which is buried in the soil. 

What are your hours of operation?
Our season is from June 12 - July 26.

Sunday          10 - 8                                                                                       

Monday         Closed                                                                                       

Tuesday        Closed                                                                                 

Wednesday    10 - 4                                                                                 

Thursday       10 - 4                                                                                        

Friday            10 - 4                                                                                          

Saturday        10 -8

Is there handicap parking?
We provide handicap parking on a gravel area right next to our apothecary shop by the PARKING sign. Parking spots are marked with the handicap decal. Spaces are limited, so we encourage you to come early, especially on weekends.

What about accessibility?
The gardens and lavender labyrinth (with 2000 lavender plants) are accessible from packed gravel pathways. Access to the lavender field rows is across a grass field. 

Can we purchase lavender at your farm?
Yes! We always have fragrant dried lavender bundles for sale, and will have fresh bundles for sale when it is ready to harvest (exactly when depends on the weather). We also have some lavender plants for sale.

You’ll find other items from the farm in our apothecary shop:
• Dried flowers and lavender wreaths
• Handmade essential oil soap, skincare and spa products
• Lavender honey from our bees
• Teas made from our lavender and echinacea

Why are you charging for admission this year when the farm was free last year?
Two reasons:

  1. Covid-19. We have to limit the amount of people here at a time and need to sell tickets for specific time slots in order to do that. We also will be able to have less people overall visit the farm because of gathering restrictions. 
  2. The cost of maintaining the gardens. They are beautiful but require a huge investment of time, labour, plants, and materials to maintain. When we bought the farm 3 years ago, we decided to allow people to visit the farm for free as a gift to our community and to grow our customer base. However, we can’t continue to maintain the gardens in their present form without selling tickets. We’re hoping our community enjoyed the gift of coming free for the past 3 years and will be willing to contribute to a small part of the gardens' cost by buying tickets. Similar flower experiences and farms in our area are also charging admission.   

Can I buy food at the farm?                                                                                      Food and drinks are available in the shop on weekends. We have delicious lavender ice cream and lemonade, milkshakes, lavender baking, and coffees and teas.

We want to keep the air clean for all our visitors, so please, no smoking or vaping anywhere on the farm.

What methods of payment do you accept?
We accept cash, credit cards and debit tap. Tickets will be available at our gate or in the shop, but to save time and limit personal contact, we strongly encourage you to buy your tickets online.