The Gardens



Welcome To Our Gardens

It has been a long time vision and dream to create a peaceful sanctuary where people can come to feel inspired and peaceful as they connect with nature. Our property was built based on our mantra "peaceful beauty in nature."

We love and respect nature and all of the animals that share it with us. As we slow down and connect with the trees, the birds in the sky, we see the beauty all around us and it gives us a deep appreciation for all living things. We would like to share that with you.

The lavender, the roses, the dahlias, the echinacea (to name a few), the array of color and fragrance, the breeze that carries the sweet senses mingling together of the evergreens, flowers, and herbs – all these gifts of nature weave magic for the senses.

When you step into the gardens we hope you will be able to slow your pace, breath deep and feel the connection with nature. A flower, a soaring eagle, the trickling water, the lavender dancing in the garden, the grandmother cedar trees, all welcome you.

We invite you to find your way to our gardens and allow them to inspire your creativity, empower your soul, or simply connect with nature, giving yourself a few hours or days of blissful peace and joy.

Welcome to this place, a truly special place, special to you, in your own unique way.

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