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1. Is your product made in Canada?
Yes. Tuscan Farm Gardens was incorporated in 1997 in Langley, BC. For 10 years it was operated as a successful agro-tourism enterprise. In 2011 it was relocated to Abbotsford and the tourism activities were downsized in order to focus on the plant based body care products that we produce on our farm.

2. Why “Tuscan”?
Inspired by a life altering visit to Tuscany, a region of Italy famous for its love of the “terroir” (earth) and the “dolce vita” (good life), the word Tuscan, to us, is a blissful state of mind. Each of our hand-made products is an invitation to restore the dolce vita!

3. Are the ingredients used in your products local?
We grow and process many of the healing herbs used in our product, however, the exotic carrier oils, butters and plant based preservatives are sourced locally from a trusted import company whose standards are in harmony with our own.

4. Is your company certified organic?
We practice organic, sustainable farming methods. We are not “certified” organic. In the garden we recycle, compost, rotate crops and control weeds by hand. We do not use chemicals. In production we don’t over package our products. We use recyclable bottles and jars and use recycled packing materials when possible. Our products are made by hand. We are a carbon neutral company. In fact, having planted hundreds of trees on the estate, we could in fact sell carbon credits!

5. I notice you use calendula in most of your products. Why? What are the benefits?
It’s an excellent herb. The infused oil of calendula officinalis has a long history of usefulness in a wide range of skin problems including rough and cracked skin, diaper rashes, grazes, cracked nipples, varicose veins, inflammations, burns, cuts, insect bites and eczema.

6. I’m allergic to lavender. Do all your products include lavender?
We have formulated our Lemongrass collection with no lavender or almond oil because many people are allergic to almonds. Many people claim to be allergic to lavender and they may be. However, I always suggest that perhaps they are allergic to the fragrance lavender. Many companies claim to have pure essential oils in their product but they will cut it with a fragrance oil which is chemical. Be sure to read the labels, but also, buy products from a company you have confidence in.

7. Your ingredient list is amazing but your prices are so reasonable. What are you cutting out?
First, the ingredient list is amazing because we are our best customers. We make the products we want to use ourselves. Secondly, as grower, producer and distributer, we cut out the middle man!

8. Do you use preservatives in your products? What is the shelf life?
Yes, we use plant based preservatives. Our products have a limited shelf life between 6 and 18 months depending on the product. We are in the process of changing our labels to include a best-before icon.

9. How much are the shipping costs?
We keep our shipping cost simple. You will find a easy to understand chart on our website under “shipping”.

10. Do you have samples I could try?
We don’t do samples. If for any reason you are unhappy with our product we will return your money. Guaranteed!