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Pre-Bloom and Full Bloom

Pre-Bloom - approximately June 12 - 18 

Near the end of June we start to gradually harvest the rows of lavender in our field. This process takes several weeks, as some of our varieties don't ripen until mid-July. We leave the thousands of lavender plants in our labyrinth to bloom for our honey bees and for photos - they get even more purple than the lavender rows do because we allow the buds to open fully.    

During pre-bloom, our wildflowers, roses, perennials, and flowering shrubs are in bloom. Our lavender is slowly changing from green buds to purple blossoms. We almost didn't want to call it "Pre-Bloom" because it's so beautiful, but if you're only interested in lavender, you'll want to know that it's not in full bloom yet during this time. Highlights of this time in the gardens include the first and largest flush of rose blooms, the stunningly fragrant white-blossoming mock orange trees, and salvias, hardy geraniums, astrantia and clematis. The gardens in June have a delicate freshness and a colour palette of pinks, whites and purples that is unique to this season. Pre-bloom is for you if you are interested in plants and the gardens as a whole, if you want a lower price and less people, or if you are planning to come to the farm several times over the season to experience different flowers in bloom (As the gardens look incredibly different from mid-June to the end of July, this is highly recommended!)


      Roses and clematis.

Dogwoods and irises.

The mock orange trees in bloom with the lavender gradually coming into bloom.  

      Salvias and geraniums.

 Waterlilies in the formal pond.

 Full-Bloom - approximately June 23 - July 25

These dates are also approximate. How quickly the lavender fades from bright purple to a lovely but more greyish-purple depends on the temperatures we get in July.

During full bloom, our lavender turns fully purple and blossoms for several weeks at the end of June and July. We slowly start to harvest our English lavender rows around the first week of July, a process which is spread over a few weeks. We leave the thousands of lavender plants in the labyrinth to fully open for our guests and our bees to enjoy. Near the end of July, rivers of vibrant pink echinacea thread through the fading but still purple lavender. The whole garden is alive with butterflies, hummingbirds and bees and glowing with warmer colours. Full bloom is for you if you need those instagram shots of the fully purple lavender, and don't mind a slightly higher price and more people. 

Our recommendation? Come once in mid-to late June, and then again in mid to late July once the echinacea, dahlias and rudbeckias start to bloom. Don't forget to check our instagram for updates on the progress of the lavender and highlights of the gardens each week. We can't wait to share the beauty of our gardens with you!


               In the lavender rows.

            The labyrinth before the echinacea comes into bloom.

   Lavender and echinacea during golden hour.