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The land & big Visions

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Wow, my poochies love running around the land. As we do our daily walks around our new property I visualize what it will look like with Lavender, Echinacea and Calendula growing. Fields of blue dotted with the bright Echinacea colors and yellow / orange calendula, I can hardly wait. I am driving my husband a little crazy, but he is excited too. I must say I want the lavender there yesterday and everyone – especially Heather & Arleigh keep reminding me that it takes time. 

We have lived at our new home for 3 weeks and we moved the Tuscan Farms business here 2. 5 weeks ago. It has been a whirl wind. I have been unpacking the house, unpacking product, making products, filling orders & trying to rake up the piles of leaves everywhere outside... when it’s not raining. It feels like we have been here 3 months – not 3 weeks. But we all love it.

Soon the land will be plowed, the water sitting in the field will be directed into a pond & the apothecary store will be built. We have work to do. We want the farm to be open this summer, keep your fingers crossed.