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Welcome to Our Blog

Lavender Celebration


We would like to sincerely thank everyone who took part in the celebration this past weekend.

The sun was shining, music was playing and the lavender was dancing in the field.  We love sharing our tranquil gardens, ponds and the amazing aromas of everything that is in bloom. We even had 3 bald eagles flying over, truly an amazing site.

If you couldn’t make it we hope you will come by while the lavender is still in bloom.

Here are some photos we took of the gardens to share. 



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Late Bloomers


Our English Lavender started blooming is September, nice to get such a lovely bloom as we head into the fall months. I hated to cut it as it looked so bright and cheerful. Everyone who drove by and stopped in commented on how much they enjoyed looking at it. But the inevitable first hair cut had to happen.... just like when I left my son stay with grandma for the weekend when he was about two and he had these beautiful blond curly locks; we came home and the locks were in a plastic bag!! 

 The lavender is hanging in the apothecary shop and it looks & smells wonderful. I think I am going to leave it hang there for as long as I can as now people get to enjoy it when they come into the shop.

Things are taking shape in the field and I am keeping my fingers crossed that it all will be okay over the winter... and everything will be just lovely in the spring. The Echinacea is filling out and starting to take up a lot of space, looks like we will be transplanting in the spring.

Now that I am outside less I am spending a great deal of time reading about and doing test batches of soap. Learning & being creative is lot of fun & I am blending up some new room sprays. I will have to take some pictures of all the soap drying for my next blog!

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Mid Summer's Dream


 We did it!!! We got 3,500..ish (minus a few we lost) lavender plants in the ground, along with 200 Echinacea plants... and the major watering begins! Noah is very tired after days of supervising planting and needs to take an aromatherapy snooze next to a little English lavender plant.

 The field is taking shape... soon some grass, a completed pond, additional trees as well as more perennials and... bulbs of course for spring and we will be set!!

The apothecary store is 85% done and open for business - it will always be "a work in progress".  Looks great and smells even better!  


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A legacy Handed Over



There is the Tuscan Farm’s sign that was in front of Arleigh & Heather’s home going in at the entrance of our home and of course the new home of Tuscan Farm Gardens*. Arleigh and Heather were out for a drive on a sunny Saturday and happened to stop by when we were putting the sign up, it was a great spontaneous “hand-over”. Arleigh was very happy to give David a hand in putting the sign in the ground.

The Apothecary shop is officially open and we are continuing to warm it up with great Tuscan Farm soaps, balms & all the other great products you all have grown to love. The Tuscan Farm tea is steeping and people are stopping in to see Tuscan Farm Gardens part III.

Some of the lavender plants are in the ground as we prepare more beds for planting. I truly can’t wait until all the plants are in the ground, including the Echinacea which looks like it is getting ready to bloom as it awaits its new home in the ground where it can spread its roots! I guess we all have to be patient as this rainy weather has slowed things down tremendously. I just can’t wait to have lush gardens that people will really enjoy being in.


*Tuscan Farm Gardens is now located at 6834 Mt Lehman Rd. Abbotsford BC. It is a very quaint drive on north Mt. Lehman road through historical Mt. Lehman village, passed vineyards and the Mt. Lehman winery to Tuscan Farms.









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A work in progress.....



Well the rain has stopped YEAH!!!! Let’s hope we get just enough rain to keep things watered for the rest of summer. It is dry enough so we are able to work on the land and prepare for the planting. Look at that harrow working the soil - it's amazing. My father had a harrow when I was growing up - I never paid any attention, now I am amazed at how the soil changes as we tend to it and get it ready for nice sandy soil that the lavender loves.

 While I have been waiting to plant in the field I planted a lavender plant - stoechas in a pot outside of my house. I am so glad I did this, every day I can watch how it changes. Look at all those fresh buds on top, it will be glorious when they all are in full bloom with their little top flags all up and proud. It smells wonderful - to think we will have an entire field of lavender just excites me to no end. 

I had to take a picture of the huge poppy in my front yard, there are about 6 additional buds ready to bloom. I will post a new picture when they all are open. It is amazing watching things grow and open this time of the year... and I must say I am learning so much.

Before I sign out I want to let you know we made lavender honey last week. We picked up local honey from the guy down the road and went to work. The honey tastes great- don’t miss out on these two amazing flavors together, what a treat!!

Don’t forget your sunscreen and remember, lavender & calendula work great on sun burn. I burnt my cheeks and nose, I had sun screen on and a hat. When my head got hot the hat came off and I must needed to reapply and didn’t. So when I came in the house I couldn’t figure out why my cheeks felt so warm only to find a bright red nose and cheeks. I put on the lavender & calendula balm before bed and when I woke up no one would be the wiser that I didn’t reapply sun screen!

 Take Care!

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The land & big Visions


Wow, my poochies love running around the land. As we do our daily walks around our new property I visualize what it will look like with Lavender, Echinacea and Calendula growing. Fields of blue dotted with the bright Echinacea colors and yellow / orange calendula, I can hardly wait. I am driving my husband a little crazy, but he is excited too. I must say I want the lavender there yesterday and everyone – especially Heather & Arleigh keep reminding me that it takes time. 

We have lived at our new home for 3 weeks and we moved the Tuscan Farms business here 2. 5 weeks ago. It has been a whirl wind. I have been unpacking the house, unpacking product, making products, filling orders & trying to rake up the piles of leaves everywhere outside... when it’s not raining. It feels like we have been here 3 months – not 3 weeks. But we all love it.

Soon the land will be plowed, the water sitting in the field will be directed into a pond & the apothecary store will be built. We have work to do. We want the farm to be open this summer, keep your fingers crossed.



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