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A legacy Handed Over

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There is the Tuscan Farm’s sign that was in front of Arleigh & Heather’s home going in at the entrance of our home and of course the new home of Tuscan Farm Gardens*. Arleigh and Heather were out for a drive on a sunny Saturday and happened to stop by when we were putting the sign up, it was a great spontaneous “hand-over”. Arleigh was very happy to give David a hand in putting the sign in the ground.

The Apothecary shop is officially open and we are continuing to warm it up with great Tuscan Farm soaps, balms & all the other great products you all have grown to love. The Tuscan Farm tea is steeping and people are stopping in to see Tuscan Farm Gardens part III.

Some of the lavender plants are in the ground as we prepare more beds for planting. I truly can’t wait until all the plants are in the ground, including the Echinacea which looks like it is getting ready to bloom as it awaits its new home in the ground where it can spread its roots! I guess we all have to be patient as this rainy weather has slowed things down tremendously. I just can’t wait to have lush gardens that people will really enjoy being in.


*Tuscan Farm Gardens is now located at 6834 Mt Lehman Rd. Abbotsford BC. It is a very quaint drive on north Mt. Lehman road through historical Mt. Lehman village, passed vineyards and the Mt. Lehman winery to Tuscan Farms.