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Late Bloomers

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Our English Lavender started blooming is September, nice to get such a lovely bloom as we head into the fall months. I hated to cut it as it looked so bright and cheerful. Everyone who drove by and stopped in commented on how much they enjoyed looking at it. But the inevitable first hair cut had to happen.... just like when I left my son stay with grandma for the weekend when he was about two and he had these beautiful blond curly locks; we came home and the locks were in a plastic bag!! 

 The lavender is hanging in the apothecary shop and it looks & smells wonderful. I think I am going to leave it hang there for as long as I can as now people get to enjoy it when they come into the shop.

Things are taking shape in the field and I am keeping my fingers crossed that it all will be okay over the winter... and everything will be just lovely in the spring. The Echinacea is filling out and starting to take up a lot of space, looks like we will be transplanting in the spring.

Now that I am outside less I am spending a great deal of time reading about and doing test batches of soap. Learning & being creative is lot of fun & I am blending up some new room sprays. I will have to take some pictures of all the soap drying for my next blog!