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Tuscan Farm Gardens Gardeners Hand Therapy is to die for!"
Visitor to the Apothecary Shop, August 2009

“Heather: I’ll make it simple. After 3 or 4 years of using your product I’m totally hooked. Keep up the great products.” Michael B

“I have been a loyal customer of yours for sometime and have enjoyed many visits to your shop, B&B and Bistro (at the old location) and have introduced family and friends to your fabulous body care products.”_ Laura Howard

“I have been using your Peppermint Olive Oil Soap and I LOVE IT! I am so impressed with your products that I will definitely be ordering again (with Christmas not too far away.) Thanks for a very positive experience in ordering your body care products.” Susi Kelly, Pilates instructor

“At 75 my skin goes “Ah” when I use your Lavender Soap". Joan Pearce, New Westminster

“I’m a big fan of your products, especially the Olive Oil Soaps. But I’ve just discovered your Echinacea Lip Balm for my dry skin areas. In addition to using it for chapped lips, I find it incredible for small outbreaks of psoriasis. I’ve passed this little tip on to my mum who also suffers from it.” Stephanie

“I’ve been coming to your shop every July and December since 1998 to stock up on Lavender Bath and Body Products for my daughter. She loves lavender and I love to visit everyone here at the farm!” Richard B. Langley

“Hi, I love your products. However, the store I purchased them at has discontinued selling your products as they have created their own. I don’t like their interpretation of your Lavender Body Polish, so I would like to find out if I can purchase it at another location here in Edmonton. If all else fails, I will just order online. Thank you.” Shari K. Edmonton, AB

“Dear Ms. Fair, Just touching base quickly to say how delighted I was with my first purchase from Tuscan Farm Gardens. Also, thank you very much for the hand written thank you note…a rarity these days! I look forward to trying more of the products…”
Barb Southee, Canmore Alberta

“Happy New Year to you and your family!! I see you have a new look to your website. It is absolutely perfect! I love it and seem to visit it regularly…it is so relaxing and refreshing! I love my products and just wanted to touch base with you.”
Take care, Constance from Regina

“My husband and I were guest at your lovely B&B a few years ago. It remains one of our favorite vacations spots. At the time , I purchased some of your echinacea and lavender products. I would like to order some more. Are there any shops in the Los Angeles area that I could buy them, or is your website the best place for me to do so? Thank you.” Nancy Robbins

“Tuscan Farm Gardens’ Lavender Body Polish should carry a warning: this product is addictive! Once you’ve tried this soothing, smoothing, sweet-smelling exfoliator you keep coming back for more.”
Janis Foster

“I love your products! Aileen Selkirk, Toronto”

“I love your olive oil soap because it works! It’s gentle on my skin and yet I can use it as a laundry pre-stain remover and it even takes black marks off the walls!”
Debra S.

“Your olive oil soap is wonderful. Very moisturizing and none of those sickening synthetic fragrance smells.”
Arden B.

“Dear Heather: My husband and I operate a small resort on Sonora Island. We have a huge garden, B&B and marina and live “off the grid” providing our own power. We handle fuel and painting products which is very hard to remove the smell of from your hand. Not so with Dirty Harry. We both love that is is non abrasive, not harsh in any way and leaves us both with very clean, soft hands. Thank you for this wonderful soap."
Sincerely, Sandy Arial Walter’s Point Resort

“Tuscan Farm Gardens makes luxurious products for babies. The Lavender Room and Pillow Spray keeps the nursery sweet-smelling and fresh while the Lavender Soothing Balm for Sensitive Skin does the same for their bottoms”.
Katrina Foster Wakelin, Mom of Luke and Ben

“I have two friends who had miraculous recoveries from two very different cancers a number of years ago. Both friends suffer in the winter from compromised lungs, a seemingly permanent residual side-effect from chemotherapy. Every year they have had serious lung infections, usually requiring anti-biotics and occasionally hospitalization. Both friends have discovered that if they use the echinacea throat spray when they first feel the problem surfacing, they just simply get better! The spray stops it in its tracks. It has been miraculous for both of them…..entire winters with no lung infection! Clearly, the Tuscan Farm Gardens Echinacea does not remotely resemble any other echinacea you might pick up at your local health food store!”
Dorothy McS.